International Advisory Board

   President’s Address

أ.د. عبد الرحمن اليوبيIn its endeavor to establish itself as a world class institution, King Abdulaziz University has recognized the value of drawing on the expertise of individuals with an international perspective who have achieved prominence in higher education, science, research and private enterprise. It was this goal of bringing an international perspective to the University that informed our decision to create an international advisory board.

The aim of the advisory board is to assure that the leadership of the University has access to diverse ideas from the international academic and business communities. These consultations should help us guide and support the University’s direction toward international recognition To this end, we have invited a number of academics, intellectuals and professionals who have achieved distinction in their fields to contribute their opinions, experience and advice to assist us in our mission of transforming the university—to recreate it as a leader in education, scientific research, and community service.

The Board will hold its first meeting in Safar 1432 A.H (January 2011). We hope that this event will prove to be a turning point in the University’s advance toward a world-class institution.

The Board will have two meetings a year. To ensure that we receive a diversity of ideas and views with an international perspective, the University’s advisory board should reflect, not just different disciplines, but different countries as well. In addition, the University will hold its International Advisory Board meetings in different countries of the world to underscore the goal of achieving a global view and spirit in our discussions.

King Abdulaziz University is looking forward to the contribution of the members of the Board to help us realize our goals of recreating the University and achieve its vision of academic excellence and service to our country and its citizens.

On behalf of myself and the University, I am pleased to welcome all the members of the International Advisory Board of King Abdulaziz University and wish to thank them for their participation. We look forward to their valuable participation and hope that they will find the experience to be equally profitable.

Prof. Abdulrahman Obaid AI-Youbi

President, King Abdulaziz University

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