International Advisory Board

Third Meeting of the International Advisory Board IAB

Held on 18-19 February 2012

 (Corresponding to 26-27/3/1433H.)

          The Third Meeting of IAB was held in the University Council Hall, headed by H.E. Prof. Osama Sadiq Tayeb, President of KAU, the Chairman of IAB.

          The Meeting was held to discuss (KAU Systematic Steps Towards Creativity and Innovation).  Fifteen members of IAB, who are internationally known academicians and famous industrialists, attended the Meeting.  They resemble different schools and give notable variation in experiences and specialization throughout the world.

          The Meeting discussed seven papers; one of them was presented by Dr. Ahmed Hamid Nagadi, Vice President for Business & Knowledge Creativity.  The other six papers were presented by other members.

          The main aim of the meeting was to make practical steps to creativity and innovation, and how to transfer them to products which can be benefited by marketing them through different channels, e.g. Wadi Jeddah Company, which belongs to KAU and this will show clearly KAU’s output in a realistic and concrete way, which will contribute on, how to realize the aimed knowledge transfer and the development of community.

          This Third Meeting followed two meetings.  The first was held on 25-26/2/1432H. (29-30/1/2011) to discuss the University Second Strategic Plan, the International Cooperation, Academic Accreditation.   It was held in order to enhance the steps of KAU towards an International University and to support its efforts to go step by step with all developments in international academic education; and to get the best from time to move its strategic plan and widen its participation and cooperation with esteemed international and local scientific research and industrial foundations, which are considered as excellent and outstanding foundations.

          The Second meeting of IAB had been held in Vienna, Austria on 1-2 Rajab 1432 corresponding to 2-3 July 2011.  The meeting was to discuss and find out the suitable ways to develop scientific research in KAU, e.g. How to root the concept of Research University and how to reach that goal, how to get benefit from international experts in this aspect, by developing the process of teaching and learning to fulfill this matter and by graduating the University students to participate in these steps, besides enhancing the cooperation between KAU and private sectors in order to apply KAU scientific research output.

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