International Advisory Board

IAB ends its 7th Meeting

 The 7th meeting of the International Advisiry Board (IAB) of King Abdulaziz University (KAU) was held at KAU, Jeddah Campus, on Saturday and Sunday 20-21 September 2014.

The meeting was headed by Prof. Osama Tayeb, KAU President and IAB Chairman. In the opening of the meeting, Prof. Tayeb mentioned that IAB was formed in 2011 in order to help KAU to achieve its goals by getting advices from pioneering international people from both the academic and industrial sectors.

KAU was able to attract elites from all over the world. They are either world-class university presidents or presidents of  international companies.

In this 7th meeting, IAB discussed the KAU Stategic Plan III, that is called "TAZIZ", which was presented by KAU Vice Presidency for Development.
IAB members held many sessions to discuss the contents of the "TAZIZ" and made valuable comments and modifications.

In the last session of the meeting, IAB members presented their outcomes where all attendants managed to contribute with their comments. Prof Tayeb concluded that KAU would really benefit from the outcomes of the 7th Meeting in reshaping "TAZIZ".
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