International Advisory Board

5th meeting of KAU International Advisory Board held


The fifth meeting of the International Advisory Board of King Abdulaziz University was held from 11-12 May 2013 at the Senate Hall.

The meeting, which was chaired by KAU President, Prof Osama S. Tayyeb, was attended by an assortment of prominent international experts known for their achievements and contribution in various disciplines.

A welcoming speech was given by Prof Tayyeb, followed by presentations by Prof Abdurrahman Alyoubi, KAU Vice President for Educational Affairs, and Dr Abdul-Fattah Mashat, KAU Vice President for Development, on KAU's teaching and learning.

Titled "Towards Excellence in Teaching and Learning", the meeting was held to discuss issues relating to improving KAU's teaching and learning output. 
A number of recommendations were put forward at the end of the meeting.

The Board was introduced three years back with the aim of enhancing the University’s international status and presence through achievements, particularly in the areas of research and innovation.

Its formation is  within KAU's efforts to establish itself as a world-class institution by drawing on the expertise, views and advice of international academics, intellectuals and professionals who have achieved distinction and prominence in higher education, science, research and private enterprise.

It also aims to help forge strategic alliances with community service establishments, academic institutions and international industrial firms, as well as setting up partnerships with international universities and research centers.

In previous statements, Prof Tayyeb was quoted as saying:"The diversity of experience among the Board's members will allow for the exchange of ideas and views on educational and research issues".

The philosophy behind the Board is to re-formulate KAU’s strategic objectives, priorities and trends in order to achieve educational, scientific research and community service goals, he also added.


It is also aimed at capitalizing on the Board members’ knowledge, intellect and experience to make outstanding achievements in the areas of science and technology, he further added



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